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** current issue ** Oct/Nov 2009: Interview of Alan Bradley; article on William Krasner; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery; Mystery News retrospectives & appreciation

Aug/Sep 2009: Interviews of Louise Penny, Robert Rotenberg, Donna Andrews; article on Marjorie Carleton; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2009: Interviews of Earlene Fowler, Stefanie Pintoff, Caro Peacock; article on Elizabeth Marchand; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery

Apr/Mar 2009: Interviews of John Sandford, Cassandra Clark, Patrick Lennon; article on John D. MacDonald; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2009: Interviews of Megan Abbott, Meredith Cole; article on Elizabeth Daly; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery; reviewer's lists of the favorite books they read in 2008; mini-essays on favorite authors

Dec/Jan 2009: Interviews of Suzanne Arruda, Jeri Westerson; articles on Stieg Larsson; Ben Benson; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2008: Interviews of Ann Cleeves, Ian Vasquez, Will Thomas; article on E. Phillips Oppenfeim; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sep 2008: Interviews of Vicki Lane, Sharon Bolton, Charles Finch; article on Gerald Sinstadt; Real to Reel

Jun/Jul 2008: Interviews of Jim Kelly, Rose Melikan, Michael Gregorio; article on Josephine Tey; The Sound of Mystery; Real to Reel

Apr/Mar 2008: Interviews of Katherine Hall Page, Leighton Gage, Ariana Franklin; tribute to Edward D. Hoch; article on Helen Reilly; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2008: Interviews of Steve Hockensmith, Craig McDonald, Marcus Sakey; article on Stuart Palmer; Real to Reel; The Sound of Mystery; reviewer's lists of the favorite books they read in 2007

Dec/Jan 2008: Interviews of Theresa Schwegel, Cora Harrison, Charles Ardai (aka Richard Aleas); retrospective interview with Tasha Alexander, Betty Webb, Jim Winter, Chris Knopf and Con Lehane; articles on Georgette Heyer and "Real to Reel"

Oct/Nov 2007: Interviews of Phil Rickman, Derek Nikitas; "Meet our Contributors" part three; article on Ross Macdonald; The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sep 2007: Interviews of Barb D'Amato, Taylor Holden; "Meet our Contributors" part two; article on Michael Innes; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2007: Interviews of Michael Koryta, David Sundstrand; "Meet our Contributors" part one; article on Anthony Gilbert; The Sound of Mystery

Apr/May 2007: Interviews of Edward Marston, Sean Chercover, Donna Ball; article on Brett Halliday; The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2007: Interviews of Francine Mathews, Henry Chang, Susan Dunlap; article on Roy Vickers; The Sound of Mystery; reviewer's lists of the best books they read in 2006

Dec/Jan 2007: Interviews of Ace Atkins, Arnaldur Indridason; retrospective interview with Libby Hellman, I. J. Parker, Mark Coggins, Victor Gischler; article on Lillian de la Torre; The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2006: Interviews of Reed Farrel Coleman, Patrick Quinlan, Sarah Stewart Taylor; article on Eleazar Lipsky; The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sep 2006: Interviews of Harry Hunsicker, Louise Penny, Kerry Greenwood; articles on Dick Francis, Raoul Whitfield's Death in a Bowl; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2006: Interviews of Jacqueline Winspear, Declan Hughes, Craig Johnson; article on Thomas Kyd; The Sound of Mystery

Apr/May 2006: Interviews of T. Jefferson Parker, Cornelia Read; articles on Catherine Aird, Rankin & Rebus, and Ross Macdonald's The Ivory Grin; The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2006: Interviews of P.D. James, Tasha Alexander, Rhys Bowen; article on Ethel Lina White; essay by Don Sandstrom; The Sound of Mystery; reviewer's lists of top 5 books read in 2005

Dec/Jan 2006: Interviews of James Sallis and Chris Knopf; articles on Nancy Drew, Dorothy B. Hughes and L.A. Confidential; The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2005: Interviews of Michael Connelly, Margaret Frazer, Jeff Abbott, Terence Faherty, Andrew Taylor; articles on "1945 retrospective", Raymond Chandler's The Simple Art of Murder; The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sep 2005: Interviews of Denise Mina, David Terrenoire, Barbara Cleverly; article on Hugh Pentecost; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2005
Interview of Ken Bruen; articles on Barbara Burnett Smith, Earl Derr Biggers, "The House Without a Key", and the origins of "In the beginning..."; The Sound of Mystery

Apr/May 2005: Interviews of PJ Tracy, Ray Banks, Sharon Kay Penman; articles on Thomas B. Dewey, Mystery Writers of America; The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2005: Interviews of Ian Rankin, James R. Winter, Michael Z. Lewin, Caroline Roe; article on Stanley Ellin; The Sound of Mystery; reviewers lists of top 5 books read in 2004

Dec/Jan 2005: Interviews of Robert B. Parker, Michael Koryta, Benjamin M. Schutz, Jane Jakeman; article on Nedra Tyre; The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2004: Interviews of S.J. Rozan, Allan Guthrie, Barry Eisler, Peter Tremayne; articles on Ed Lacy, Rue Morgue Press; The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sep 2004: Interviews of Sue Grafton, Mike Siverling, Kathy Lynn Emerson; article on Margery Allingham; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2004: Interviews of Jason Starr, Mark Conard, Charlaine Harris; articles on John Creasey and Eric Ambler; The Sound of Mystery

Apr/May 2004: Interviews of Julia Spencer-Fleming, Naomi Hirahara, Alan Gordon; articles on Thomas Walsh, "Marlowe at Thelma Todd's", and the Inspector Montalbano series; The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2004: Interviews of John Lescroart, Sue Rann, Jim Fusilli; article on Anthony Boucher; The Sound of Mystery; reviewers lists of top 5 books read in 2003

Dec/Jan 2004: Interviews of Sara Paretsky, Marlys Millhiser, Peter Spiegelman; articles on Philip MacDonald and Greg Rucka's comics; The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2003: Articles on Ross Thomas, Charlotte Armstrong, Alfred Hitchcock; Interviews of Meredith Blevins and Carolyn Haines; Mysterious Travels (NYC's Chinatown and S.J. Rozan); The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sep 2003: Interviews of G.M. Ford, Martha Conway, Carole Nelson Douglas, Richard Barre, article on Ngaio Marsh; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2003: Interviews of Marcia Muller, Olen Steinhauer, Elizabeth Peters, Parnell Hall, Ray Bradbury, article on Mildred Davis; The Sound of Mystery

Apr/May 2003: Interviews of C.J. Box, Barbara Fister, Fiona Buckley, Robert Crais; articles on Michael Gilbert, Mysterious Travels (Washington, DC); The Sound of Mystery, Mysterious Kids

Feb/Mar 2003: Interviews of Peter Robinson, Cornelius Lehane, Barbara Hambly; article on Cyril Hare, Mysterious Travels (Acqua Alta in Venice); The Sound of Mystery; reviewers lists of top 5 books read in 2002

Dec/Jan 2003: Interviews of Carol Goodman, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Stephen Booth, Sharan Newman, Jackie Chan; article on Veronica Parker Johns; The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2002: Interviews of Qiu Xiaolong, Victor Gischler, William Link, Linda Barnes; article on Richard Austin Freeman, Mysterious Travels (Laura Lippman's Baltimore); The Sound of Mystery

Aug/Sept 2002: Interviews of Elizabeth Gunn, I.J. Parker, Max Allan Collins, Les Roberts, Letha Albright, William Link; articles on Road to Perdition and Evelyn Berckman; The Sound of Mystery

Jun/Jul 2002: Interviews of Earl Emerson, Gabriel Cohen, D. Daniel Judson, Daniel Stashower, Point/Counter Point on Daniel Silva's The English Assasin; article on Thomas Flanagan; The Sound of Mystery; Mysterious Travels (Belize)

Apr/May 2002: Interviews of Jeffery Deaver, Stuart Kaminsky, David Fulmer, KJ Erickson; Point/Counter Point on Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair; article on Freeman Wills Crofts, The Sound of Mystery, Mysterious Travels (Agatha Christie)

Feb/Mar 2002: Interviews of Nevada Barr, John Wessel, Robert M. Eversz, Jan Grape, Susan Slater; Point/Counter Point on Daniel Stashower's The Houdini Specter; article on Seeley Regester, The Sound of Mystery

Dec/Jan 2002: Interviews of Charles Todd, M.J. Trow, Robert Ferrigno, Tim McLoughlin; Point/Counter Point on The Associate by Philip Margolin; article on Rex Stout

Oct/Nov 2001: Interviews of Val McDermid, Cynthia Alwyn, Susan McBride, Keith Snyder, Kris Nelscott; article on Edward D. Hoch, The Sound of Mystery, Book News! by Barbara Peters

Aug/Sept 2001: Interviews of James Crumley, Betty Webb, John Connolly; article on John Dickson Carr

Jun/Jul 2001: Interviews of Elizabeth George, Mark Coggins, Rick Riordan, Lise McClendon, Randy Wayne White, Julie Smith; article on Andrew Garve, Book News! by Barbara Peters

Apr/May 2001: Interviews of Jane Haddam, Margot Wadley, Carola Dunn, Martin J. Smith; article on Patricia McGerr, Book News! by Barbara Peters, The Sound of Mystery

Feb/Mar 2001: Interviews of William Kent Krueger, Scott Phillips, Bill Crider, John Straley, Judith Van Gieson; article on Mr. & Mrs. North (characters created by Frances and Richard Lockridge), The Sound of Mystery

Dec/Jan 2001: Interviews of Howard Swindle, Bob Truluck; Alex Kava, Terence Faherty; article on Craig Rice, The Sound of Mystery

Oct/Nov 2000: Interviews of Margaret Coel, Elizabeth Dearl, Steve Brewer, Laura Lippman, Robin Burcell, Steven Havill; remembrance of Patricia Moyes, Val McDermid’s Bouchercon lyrics

Aug/Sept 2000: Interviews of Don Harstad, John Gates, Lee Child, Rochelle Majer Krich; articles on Patricia Wentworth, Bogart, Booknews! by Barbara Peters

Jun/Jul 2000:  Interviews of Sujata Massey, Harlan Coben, Dan Barton, Michael McGarrity, Darryl Wimberley; article on Jon L. Breen’s Novel Verdicts

Apr/May 2000:  Interviews of Thomas H. Cook, Lise S. Baker, Robert Crais, Peter Bowen; articles on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, Donald E. Westlake and publishers Crippen & Landru

Feb/Mar 2000:  Interviews of Nancy Pickard, Marcia Talley, Steve Hamilton; articles on Anthony Berkeley, Jim Thompson,

Dec/Jan 2000:  Interviews of Gary Phillips, Stan Jones, Dianne Day ; articles on Ellery Queen’s The Roman Hat Mystery, Thumbprint Mysteries, mystery fandom, Christmas mysteries, A.S.A.P. Publishing

Oct/Nov 1999:  Interviews of Steve Thayer, Greg Rucka, Dana Stabenow, P.L. Gaus, April Henry; articles on Mickey Spillane, book collecting

Aug/Sep 1999:  Interviews of Jan Burke, James Doss, Barbara Seranella, Michelle Spring, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child; articles on Sidney Lumet, Howard Swindle

Jun/Jul 1999:  Interviews of Dennis Lehane, Carolyn Hart, Lori Fairweather, Sinclair Browning, John Gilstrap, Kathy Reichs, Jon Cleary; articles on  Doris Miles Disney, courtroom dramas

Apr/May 1999:  Interviews of Deborah Crombie, Edie Claire, Elmore Leonard, Wendi Lee; article on Robert Harris; Edgars reviews

Feb/Mar 1999:  Interviews of Stephen White, David J. Walker, Philip Jose Farmer, J.A. Jance; articles on Dorothy L. Sayers, Jim Harrison, Joe Gores

Dec/Jan 1999:  Interviews of Margaret Maron, Bill Pronzini, Val McDermid, Marlys Milhiser; articles on Richard S. Prather, Sherlockian books, holiday mysteries, The Eleventh Plague

Sep/Oct 1998:  Interviews of Tony Hillerman, Les Roberts, Max Allan Collins, Jane Rubino; articles on Patrick Quentin, M.K. Wren (part 2)

Jul/Aug 1998:  Interviews of Jeremiah Healy, Walter Satterthwait, Sue Henry; articles on Lillian O'Donnell, Edmund Crispin, M.K. Wren

May/Jun 1998:  Interviews of Janet Evanovich, Laurence Shames, G.M. Ford, William G. Tapply; articles on Margaret Millar, Steven Womack

Mar/Apr 1998:  Interviews of Michael Connelly, Charles Todd, and Ron Goulart; articles on Geoffrey Homes, Margery Allingham

Jan/Feb 1998:  Interviews of Laurie R. King, Joe R. Lansdale and Bill Moody; article on Cornell Woolrich

Nov/Dec 1997:  Interviews of Carl Hiaasen, Archer Mayor and Fred Willard; article on Ngaio Marsh, tributes to Don Sandstrom

Sep/Oct 1997:  Interviews of Carol O’Connell, S.J. Rozan, and Loren D. Estleman; articles on Ross Thomas, Don Westlake

Jul/Aug 1997:   First issue published by Black Raven Press. Interviews of Barbara D’Amato & Raven award winner Marv Lachman, article on Philip Margolin

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