Gary Phillips: the voice of L.A. noir

Excerpts from Lynn Kaczmarek's interview in Dec/Jan 2000 issue of Mystery News

"It is a noir's about bad people doing bad things," says Phillips. It is definitely "not for the faint-hearted."
It is, however, for those who still yearn for a true noir tale reminiscent of a breed long past.

Zelmont Raines, the ex-Atlanta Falcon wide receiver, is Phillips' protagonist in The Jook. The opening of the book catches up with him past his peak, on the way into the bottomless pit with barely a glimmer of hope for salvation. Phillip's prose is gritty and harsh, his dialog straight from the streets of South Central...

"The bureaucratic dude gave me the once-over like I was any other square. 'Cept white boys were always a little curious about brothers who traveled overseas, thinking we were all hooked up with Farrakhan on a trip to pick up the bombs in Iraq or some shit"

A long-time community activist, former public radio talk show host, and ex-political director of an electoral campaign, Phillips is a big, good natured guy with a laugh that comes easily from deep inside...

Read the complete interview in the December/January 2000 issue of Mystery News

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