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I'm moving -- how can I advise you of an address change? We don't want you to miss a single issue of Mystery News so please mail address changes to us at the address below or click on the link to email us: Address changes.

How can I tell when my subscription will expire? The mailing label on your envelope will contain a code for your subscription's expiration date in the format "EXP NNn" where NN is the Volume number and n is the issue number. So EXP 246 means that a subscription will expire with Volume 24 Issue 6 (Dec/Jan 2007). We will also send a renewal notice around the time your last issue is mailed. And you can email us to find out when your subscription expires.

Can I pay for a subscription by credit card? We're sorry, but credit card processing service is just too expensive. We accept checks and money orders by mail, or you can use PayPal on our Subscriptions page or by sending a PayPal payment to payments@blackravenpress.com.

I love Mystery News...why can't it be a monthly? We love publishing Mystery News, but regrettably we both still have more-than-full-time jobs that pay the bills. And families and friends that we like to spend time with. We both still love to read and Lynn is a weaver and Chris is a crossword person.

Why does it take so long for you to cash my check? It generally takes 6 - 10 weeks for us to get subscriptions entered and checks to the bank. Why? See the previous answer. For the last few years, both our day jobs have involved a lot of travel that has affected our ability to respond as quickly as we'd like to. We also are geographically challenged -- Lynn is in IL and I am in NY. All of our mail goes to our main office in Illinois, while subscriptions are processed in New York. So Lynn batches up the business mail to send to me in NY once or twice a month and it takes me additional time to do the processing.

We are a library -- why are we are receiving extra copies of Mystery News? Since before our time, there has been a long-standing policy of providing US public and school libraries with 3 copies of each issue of Mystery News for the regular subscription price.

Why don't you publish more/fewer paperback/hardback cozy/hardboiled reviews/previews/interviews? Hmmmm, we hear variations on this one all the time -- we do our best to maintain a balance.

I didn't get my Mystery News, what should I do? You should get your paper towards the end of each even-numbered month. If you haven't received it, we suggest you first check the web site. If the paper will be late (and we really make an effort to make sure it's on time), there will be an explanation on the home page. You should check the What's New? page next. I always post a blurb when we mail a new issue, with info on the contents. Once in a while there's a problem with the post office and an issue goes astray. If that seems likely, email us and I'll put another copy in the mail. If you've moved recently, make sure we have your correct new address.

Got a question we haven't answered here? Please email Chris. Due to day job travel, it may take a week or so for a reply.


Mystery News is a 36-page tabloid-style paper, published every 2 months (in the middle of each even-numbered month). Each issue features 3-5 interviews and articles, 2-4 columns on a variety of mystery-related subjects, about 70-80 reviews and dozens of previews of upcoming mysteries. We also include a convention calendar in each issue. Black Raven Press started publication in August 1997, with Volume 15, Issue 4 of Mystery News.

For additional information about Black Raven Press or Mystery News, contact Chris Aldrich by e-mail at: caldrich@blackravenpress.com or fax us at 847-541-4749.  Find us on the web at www.blackravenpress.com. Our submission guidelines can be found here:

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