While we tend to be somewhat modest, we just can't resist reprinting some of the comments that our subscribers have written to us:

"Credible reviews; great interviews" (L.A. from Columbia, MD)

"Really look forward to it -- just wish I could find time for even more reading -- so many ideas & new people" (M.B.A. from Amsterdam, NY)

"I love it!!! congratulations on the Anthony <nomination>!" (R.B. from Lodi, CA)

"Look forward to each new issue" (J.C. from Austin, TX)

"Well done, friendly, informative" (H.H. from Sylvania, GA)

"It is wonderful" (K.S.L. from Burlington, NC)

"I really enjoy the book reviews -- great reviewers!" (S.L. from Omaha, NE)

"I love it -- it's a good mix of different types of mystery books" (L.L. from San Jose, CA)

"Interesting like a mystery -- love it! Up to date..." (C.M. from New York, NY)

"You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work! (J.M. from Brooklyn, NY)

"I love it -- I usually read it cover to cover! I like the reviews and author interviews" (M.B.P. from Rome, NY)

"Love the main interviews each time and the reviews are helpful" (J.R. from Quincy, IL)

"Your standards are ... very high...excellent publication" (E.M.S. from Gaithersburg, MD)

"Love it !" (M.S. from Nashville, TN)

"After a long work week, reading the new issue of Mystery News is the perfect way to relax on a cloudy, rainy Friday evening. Every issue is packed with information. I am highly impressed with all of the hard work, hours it takes to put an issue together. Thanks for putting MN in a white envelope. This way, the paper arrives clear, fresh - no tears or ripped pages from the mail...Mystery News continues to improve. It is one of my favorite things to receive in the mail. I save every issue and refer back to previous issues often. I wish...you continued success, happiness and good health, for today and for the future!

PS -- Could you send a sample issue to my mom? I have spoken highly of Mystery News, but I hate to send any of my MN copies. (E.S. from Sacramento, CA)

"I enjoy it very much -- great reviews and interesting interviews with authors" (M.S. from Portland, OR)

"Love your in-depth interviews!" (C.A.S. from Cypress, TX)

"Love it, especially the reviews, previews and interviews..." (P.S. from Roscoe, IL)

"Your objective reviews are a godsend to a busy writer (or anyone else!) who has to be selective because of time considerations. And regardless of conventions etc where I have the opportunity to meet many authors, the in-depth interviews are excellent. I get to know people better. I like the Calendar too -- keeping up with what's coming up in conventions, etc. Thanks" (C.T. from Greenville, DE)

"Great source of objective reviews" (D.T. from Sea Cliff, NY)

"I really enjoy your publication and appreciate it as a reliable source of information about authors and an evaluation of current mysteries" (B.L.V. from Chicago, IL)

"Great!" (S.W. from Pompano Beach, FL)