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4 Mystery Addicts - very active mystery discussion list on Yahoo, founded by one of the the newest MN reviewers, Maddy Van Hertbruggen

Stop, You're Killing Me - Anthony Award winning site. Stop, You’re Killing Me! is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. They list over 2,600 authors, with chronological lists of their books (over 29,000 titles), both series (3,000+) and non-series. There are alphabetical author and character links as well as special indexes
Bouchercon Standing Committee - "home" site for Bouchercon, The World Mystery Convention. Includes history and governing documents
Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind - Sarah Weinman's fantastic blog
The Cluelass Home Page - Kate Derie's site, with a searchable database & lots more
The DorothyL Home Page - The oldest mystery-related mailing list, with nearly 3000 members
The Rara Avis Home Page - Bill Denton's mailing list for fans of the hard-boiled
The Gumshoe Site - Jiro Kimura's site, opened in 1996
The Thrilling Detective Site - Kevin Burton Smith's terrific homage to detective fiction
The Mysterious Home Page - streamlined links site, part of Cluelass.com
Sisters in Crime - National organization that supports women who write mysteries
Mystery Writers of America
Private Eye Writers of America
Crime Writers of Canada
Crime Writers Association (UK)
International Association of Crime Writers (IACW)
Mystery Readers International - largest mystery fan/reader organization in the world
The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association - who also run Killer Books
American Crime Writers League - presents the annual Ellen Nehr Award for reviewing
International Thriller Writers, Inc. - new organization formed at Bouchercon 2004
Plots with Guns - Anthony Neil Smith's crime fiction site (sadly defunct, but check out the archives for some great stuff)
Jewish Mystery bibliography
The Murder Squad - A virtual collective of seven crime writers from the North of England

The Wolfe Pack (a forum to discuss, explore, and enjoy the 72 Nero Wolfe books and short stories), The Nero Wolfe Database and Merely A Genius (a couple more sites devoted to the Nero Wolfe books and stories)

Mystery Radio Network- haven't tried it but looks interesting...
Hardluck Stories - "our mission is to help hardboiled readers discover future hardboiled classics"
Murder Out There - Canadian Noir - fiction, reviews, etc
Golden Gate Mysteries - A bibliography of crime fiction set in the San Francisco Bay Area ** updated web link **
The Crime Lab Project - a group of crime writers and their friends and readers who are concerned about the gap between the public's beliefs about the current state of forensic science and the reality faced by the many underfunded, understaffed labs and coroners' offices throughout the country.
The George Kelley Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection - a few years ago, George Kelley donated more than 25,000 volumes to the State University of NY at Buffalo.
The Film Noir Foundation - founded by Eddie Muller and sponsor of the Noir City, the San Francisco Film Noir Festival.
Crime and Suspense Ezine - this site is updated monthly with short stories and reviews, and also has a page of links to classic detective stories that are in the public domain...including stories by Anna Katherine Green, Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle and others.
Murderati - this blog is updated daily by its sextet of mystery writers, plus guest bloggers.
The Rap Sheet - this blog is edited by J. Kingston Pierce, and our Steve Miller is one of the contributors
January Magazine's Crime Fiction page - includes weekly picks by J. Kingston Pierce and lots of other good stuff!

The Outfit - new blog by a group of Chicago writers - Sean Chercover, Barbara D’Amato, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Kevin Guilfoile, Libby Fischer Hellman, Sara Paretsky, and Marcus Sakey

Crimezone.nl - a very cool looking Dutch site that seems to be crammed full of interviews, books and authors. Alas, my command of Dutch is non-existant so I can't tell you more...

Shots - the UK’s premier website devoted to crime and thriller fiction

Australasian Crime - detailed information about Australasian Crime Fiction writers, their books, pseudonyms, releases, reviews and appearances
Detectives Beyond Borders - a new blog devoted to international crime fiction – "international" meaning outside the US
Euro Crime - site focusing purely on British and other European crime fiction writers (that have been published in English) and related blog.

Europolar - multilingual European crime fiction site features articles and commentary

Mystery Magazines and Fan Publications

Crimespree Magazine

Crimetime Magazine (UK)

Deadly Pleasures

Mystery Readers Journal

Mystery Scene Magazine

The Strand Magazine

"Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed" is an interview show wherein authors of hard-boiled, pulp, mystery, and suspense reveal secrets about their fiction and the writing life. Past guests include Duane Swierczynski, David Corbett, and Theresa Schwegel.

"Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir" features the scholarly discussion and close reading of classic films noir and neo-noir. Movies investigated to date include Out of the Past, Double Indemnity, and The Big Sleep, as well as the neo-noir Blade Runner, Batman Begins, and The Big Lebowski.

Not mystery sites, but of interest to readers:

Publishers Weekly
Waterboro (Maine) Public Library Weblog
Literary Locales - More than 1,000 picture links to places that figure in the lives and writings of famous authors ** updated web link **
CSPAN2 Book TV schedule
IOBA - the Independent Online Booksellers Association
Book Sale Finder -- a site that lists book sales that are mostly sponsored by non-profits, including Friends of the Library groups
Miss Snark - the blog of an anonymous literary agent who shares insights into the publishing business in an amusingly snarky way. She also is a big fan of mystery and crime fiction.

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