(Please patronize them - we love them all!) Page updated 24 February 2008)
Aunt Agatha's
Ann Arbor, MI
Email: auntagathas@mailexcite.com
Phone: 734-769-1114
Books & Co.
Oconomowoc, WI
Email: info@booksco.com
Phone: 800-280-6428
Changing Hands Bookstore
Tempe, AZ
Email: inbox@changinghands.com ** updated email address **
Phone: 480-730-1142
The Cloak and Dagger
Princeton, NJ
Email: info@thecloakanddagger.com
Phone: 609-688-9840
Clues Unlimited
Tucson, AZ
Email: info@cluesunlimited.com
Phone: 520-326-8533

Dark Carnival
Berkeley, CA

Email: books@darkcarnival.com
Phone: 510-654-7323
High Crimes
Boulder, CO
Email: highcrimes@earthlink.net
Phone: 303-443-8346
Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop
Mechanicsburg, PA

Email: mysterybooks@epix.net
Phone: 717-795-7470
Murder by the Book
Portland, OR
Email: books@mbtb.com
Phone: 503-232-9995

Murder by the Book
Houston, TX

Email: murderbk@swbell.net
Phone: 713- 524-8597
Mystery Book Store
Omaha, NE
Email: hudunit@radiks.net
Phone: 402-342-7343
The Mystery Company
Carmel, IN
Email: Jim Huang
Phone: 317-705-9711
Mystery Loves Company ** additional location **
Baltimore, MD and Oxford, MD
Email: kathy@mysterylovescompany.com ** updated email address **
Phone: 410-276-6708
The Mystery Nook
Peoria, IL
Email: mystnook@ocslink.com
Phone: 309-685-3840
Once Upon a Crime
Minneapolis, MN
Email: OnceUponCrime@aol.com
Phone: 612-870-3785
The Poisoned Pen
Scottsdale, AZ
Email: sales@poisonedpen.com
Phone: 480-947-2974
Remember the Alibi
San Antonio, TX
Email: patsy@rememberthealibi.com
Phone: 210-829-1356
San Francisco Mystery Books
San Francisco, CA
Email: sfmybooks@aol.com
Phone: 415-282-7444
The Sly Fox ** updated web link **
Virden, IL
Email: slyfox@royell.org ** updated email address **
Phone: 877-848-3100